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Student Living Costs Canada
Time: 2012-11-14    BY Angela   From:   Clicks: 6420
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Obviously, it is very hard to calculate how much money you will spend studying in Canada ? there will be differences between individuals in everything from the amount of money spent on food to where you live to whether you decide to make frequent visits home. There are average prices for goods and entertainment that might give you an idea of what you will be spending on the basics.

?         One way bus fare - $2

?         Meal out (per person) - $10-$25

?         International postage - $0.95

?         Utilities (per month) ? $20-$30

?         Internet (per month) - $40

?         Cinema trip - $11.50-$13

?         Pair of jeans - $40-$80

As is the case with most countries, if you choose to live in the centre of a city you  will spend a lot of money on rent -  if you live further out you will pay less, but you have to bear in mind the cost of travel and the time it will take you to commute to class. You may decide that the extra cost is worth paying for the convenience and security it offers. You can purchase best replica handbags here, all are cheap handbags.

Accommodation costs in Canada

On average, rents in Canada cost around $600 per month.

One thing that you may not have considered is your health insurance, which you will have to take out as a matter of priority either as soon as you arrive or before you set off. If you need medical treatment it will be hugely expensive if you don

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