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China Education Daily
Time: 2012-11-12    BY Gavin   From: China Education Daily   Clicks: 6340
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"China Education Daily" organized a national level is currently the only domestic-oriented education in the national education newspaper, is by far China's most authoritative and influential media education, which is in charge of China's educational newspapers and superintended by the Ministry of Education.

The "China Education Daily" was founded in 1983 and wrote masthead by Deng Xiaoping. The newspaper insists on propagandizing timely, accurate and comprehensive information of the party and of the state policies on education work, persists in covering education information, coverage and fresh experiences to educators and persons interested in education in order to provide services for education reform and development.

Content: every Monday to Friday off eight editions, Saturdays and Sundays off 4 editions. If we have more in the contents, it will be increased to 12 editions.

1. Important news (I, II Edition) 
It includes education-related major events; the state released the latest education policy; the central decision-making arrangements for education; local educational reform and development and school reform in education and new teaching experience; advanced collective and individual stories; collection of news from all the education media.

2. In-depth news (III, IV Edition) 
It involves in important news events in-depth reports; the national education and the new deal interpretation of central decision-making arrangements; hot and difficult investigation and analysis of education; the education reform dynamics of the territory inside or outside; legend of legendary educators; forelands of social science and educational scientific research theory; the grass-roots voices of readers and suggestions.

3. Professional information (V-VIII Editions) 

A. Basic education. It is consisted of two parts: "Principal Weekly" and "Basic Education Weekly".  The "Principal Weekly" is mainly about excellent primary and secondary school principals’ concepts of experience in running the schools, principals to enhance and develop knowledge, communications of principals’ emotions
The "Basic Education Weekly" is mainly about discussion of primary and secondary school teachers’ growths in professional experience, cutting-edge topics of curriculums and teaching and analysis of material cases, work experience communications and discussions of teachers in charge of classes and pre-school-related information . 

B. Vocational education. It includes local vocational education reform and development, the reform and experience of vocational schools’ education and teaching, discussion of vocational topics, vocational personalities (“Vocational Education Weekly"). 

C. Higher education. It involves in college leaders and senior experts’ new ideas, college personnel training and teaching, reform and discovery of scientific research, campus phenomenon observation and analysis, topics to discuss higher education, teacher characters ( "Higher Education Weekly"). 

4. Service Information (V-VIII Editions) 
It’s the interpretation of the policy of national college entrance examination, the thesis and analysis of the college entrance examination, students’ review strategies and methods of entrance examination, enrollment policies of countries and all kinds of colleges and universities, and related information, guidance of entrance examination to field the application. 

It includes employment policies of the state and of all the university graduates, information about demands of needed persons from the nation, local places and all sorts of professions, various student career planning guidance, national policies of studying abroad and relevant-required information of studying abroad (“Recruitment Examination and Employment Weekly"). 

5. Culture and reading (IV, V-VIII Editions) 
It includes two parts: “Culture Weekly” and "Reading Weekly”.
“Culture Weekly” is mainly about education events and phenomenon dialysis and truces of the history, calligraphy from educational perspective, description of educators’ minds.

"Reading Weekly" is mainly about comments on Chinese and foreign excellent books to conduct to education and to help educators to enhance their accomplishments.

Readers: Among more than 1400 million teachers and more than 200 million students, the "China Education Daily" has far-reaching influence. In many middle and secondary schools, while the "China Education Daily" sent to the teachers’ they cannot wait to watch it. Many teachers pass their absorption of the "nutrients" on the "China Education Daily" to their students. In many college campuses, the “Chinese Education” was posted on the reading boards for teachers and students to read every day.

In the Ministry of Education, the provincial (city), the district education department and municipal and county administrative departments in charge of education, the "China Education Daily" is a must-read newspaper. Every morning, at the first place, the "China Education Daily" is placed in the Ministers of Education’s desks, is sent to the hands of cadres in various departments of the Ministry of Education.

Issuance: It is mainly through the postal issue. At present, the newspaper circulation is about 400,000 copies, covering the whole country in schools and various educational institutions and the education administration departments, is currently one of the highest rate of newspapers.

According to a sample survey in the country, almost all top leaders of the educational administrative departments, universities’ party leaders read the "China Education Daily"; 80% of the primary and secondary school principals reading the "China Education Daily"; more than 70% of the primary and secondary school teachers in reading the "China Education Daily”, nearly 50% of university teachers read the " China Education Daily "; almost all private educational institutions and private schools subscribe the " China Education Daily ".

Mr. Gavin Cheung
Senior Manager, Department of Media,

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