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Radio Tianjin
Time: 2012-11-19    BY Gavin   From: Radio Tianjin   Clicks: 5800
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Launching on January 15, 1949?formerly known as Tianjin Xinhua Broadcasting Station, Tianjin People's Broadcasting Station (TPBS) is an independent facility of state-owned provincial radio station founded 61 years ago. Address: No. 143?Wei Jin Road, Heping District, Tianjin.

Basic Construction: TPBS has nine professional frequencies, the International Department, News Center of Binhai New Area, Tianjin Broadcasting Website.It also has subsidiary companies including 12 functional departments, Jiao-Guang Media Ltd., Broadcast Technology Development Corporation, the North FM New Media Ltd. employing over 530 people.

Program Operation: TPBS offers 10 sets of radio programs and 6 sets of cable broadcast programs embracing News, Binhai, Communication, Economy, Life, Art, Music, Cross-talk, Novel and County Union, broadcasting over 260 hours every day, covering north China, parts of east and north-east China with more than 100 million people. Meanwhile, TPBS has close contact with the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Japan to establish good relationship of long-term exchange and cooperation apart from over 20 provincial radio stations throughout China.

Technical level: Having 16 frequencies, TPBS has launched Internet and telephone broadcasts with 14 digital live broadcasting studios, 10 digital language recording studios, 3 multi-functional recording studio, 1 broadcast control center that can transmit and manage over 500 channels of signals and 2 LAN terminals that support over 1,000 units of the network rooms. Editing, producing, broadcasting, transmission, storage and management are becoming system-wide digital, networking and office automation.

Market Performance: Covering News, Binhai, Communication, Economy, Life, Art, Music, Cross-talk, Novel and County Union, TPBS holds 96.3% share throughout Tianjin broadcast market. It credits "social operation and centralized management" to a consistent approach to managing its business, TPBS has been able to grow in advertising revenue of over 343 million RMB in 2009 along with it.

Mr. Gavin Cheung
Senior Manager, Department of Media,

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