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Why Study in Denmark
Time: 2012-11-14    BY Angela   From:   Clicks: 4999
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Denmark is Scandinavia´s gateway to Europe and the interaction of these two regions has created Denmark's distinctive culture.

Denmark is situated on the northern flank of continental Europe, with some 5 million inhabitants. It consists of the peninsula Jutland, which projects from the European mainland like a jagged tooth, plus more than 400 islands, the biggest of which are Funen and Sealand, where Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark is situated. Denmark is a flat country whose highest point reaches 173 metres in the air.

With its over 1000-year-old monarchy, Denmark is Europe´s oldest existing kingdom. But it is also one of the smallest. From north to south the country is only 225 miles long - and from east to west it is about 250 miles wide. On the other hand, the many islands provide a coastline of over 4000 miles, and there are not many places in the country where the fresh breezes from the sea cannot be felt.

In Denmark you can turn on the tap and be sure of getting clear, sparkling drinking water - a simple but important quality of life. Many green pleasures await visitors to Denmark. First and foremost, the water is pure and the air clear - throughout the country you can rejoice in clean water in rivers and lakes, fjords and sea, and take delight in green, lush farmland, meadows and woods.

Even though Denmark is densely populated, you notice the leaves on the trees more than you do the bricks of the houses when travelling through the country. Even the towns are green, with open recreation areas never far away. You experience the Danish landscape most intensely when walking, cycling, horseriding or sailing. In all parts of the country there are ample opportunities for doing so - and it is easy to reach your desired destination by train, bus or ferry.

Copenhagen must be the most easy-going major city in Europe. Harmonious, welcoming and hospitable, the capital of this little kingdom lets you explore it at your own pace. Here there are no skyscrapers or intimidating financial centres to dwarf you. Instead, you will find yourself in a friendly village-like atmosphere with winding pedestrian streets, lakes, parks and squares.

In recent years, Copenhagen has become famous as northern Europe's largest festival city. As part of the city's flourishing cultural life, numerous festivals are held every year, with themes ranging from rock and jazz to film, ballet, carnival, Vikings, choral music and the visual arts.

Summer is the high season for festivals, which add an extra touch of brilliance to the city's colourful streets and squares and many beautiful green oases. Copenhageners love to relax outdoors. As soon as the first warm spring sunshine appears, the city's pavement caf

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