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Why Study in Cyprus
Time: 2012-11-14    BY Angela   From:   Clicks: 4612
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Cyprus is well known to the world as the Island of Love, where Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, emerged from the deep blue sea of Paphos, the ancient capital of the island. In the ancient times, the island, being in the crossroads of the three oldest continents, developed into a strategic regional center of commerce and trading, with thriving business based mainly on shipping and the utilisation of the sea ports, routes and channels.

Today, Cyprus is becoming known as the Singapore of the Middle East, with Nicosia, the modern capital of the island, established as an international business center providing state-of-the-art technological support to local and international business. The thriving of the Cyprus economy, with hundreds of offshore companies operating on the island, could not have been made possible without the employment of state-of-the-art Information Technology and Telecommunications and the utilisation of electronic ports, routes and channels. The technological infrastructure of Cyprus is effectively and efficiently supported by a plethora of experienced and well-qualified Computer Science and Computer Engineering scientists.

Cyprus in the Digital Age, is following the steps of Singapore and is transforming itself into an Information Society, with computers and telecommunication networks turning the

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