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Student Work Experience
Time: 2012-11-14    BY Cindy   From: University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire   Clicks: 4940
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UW-Eau Claire places a strong emphasis on quality work experiences.  Over 4,400 student employment opportunities are available on-campus each year.  Forty-eight percent of these postions are paraprofessional positions with job categories that include: instructional support, research, tutor, peer counselor, technology support, university outreach, and artist.

There are many reasons why students should consider working part time on-campus.  Studies show that students who work part time in college (20hours/wk or less) actually perform better academically and are more likely to stay in school than students who do not work at all.

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Benefits of Student Work Experience include:

  • Developing marketable job skills
  • Applying academic skills in the "real" world
  • Connecting with the university
  • Increasing income to help offset college expenses (and reducing debt)
  • Boosting future career search by establishing references and gaining experience

Job Board (On and Off Campus Positions)
Student Job Submission Form
Printed paychecks from University Payroll are not issued to UW-Eau Claire student employees. Instead all payments are directly deposited into the student's checking or savings account. You may access the form, which is necessary to establish this arrangement, at Direct Deposit.

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